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Welcome to the Town of Turner, Maine!

The Town of Turner is a vibrant community, rich in history and deep-rooted cultural ties.  Nestled in the foothills of western Maine, bordering the cities of Lewiston and Auburn, our community has a uniquely-distinct sense of place that embraces both the peacefulness of Turner's natural assets with the hustle and bustle of our neighboring communities' cultural hot spots.

With a population just under 6,000, the Town of Turner is rapidly becoming one of the more sought after communities for families looking to enjoy the benefits of Turner's quality of life, while still having access to the amenities that a large city provides.

We encourage you to come and see for yourself, exactly what the Town of Turner has to offer! Whether you are a community member wondering what your tax valuation is, someone who is looking to visit one of Maine's true gems, or a family searching for a new home, we hope that that our community's website is convenient and informative!

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