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Inquiries/Freedom of Access

Our staff routinely handles information requests from residents and others, on matters ranging from motor vehicle registrations, assessing information, property taxes, ordinances, and the like.  Most inquiries are accommodated immediately; others may take a little research and a return phone call.  Some requests are for confidential information, such a vital records, and we'll need to be certain the individual requesting that information is lawfully entitled to receive it.  Regardless, our objective is to make sure that the public receives timely, accurate information when they contact us.


Other inquiries may require research into archived documents and other records that aren't immediately available.  Some of these in-depth requests can become time consuming for staff, and there is no guarantee a requested record is available beyond the town's required retention period for it, which is typically seven years.  These kinds of requests often fall under the guidelines of Maine's Freedom of Access Law, also known as Right to Know.  To clarify how town employees will handle these requests and what the public can expect, the Board of Selectmen adopted a policy, which is available by clicking here.

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